Summary of the match between Egypt and Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. A fatal follow-up reduces the chances of the Pharaohs!


Mercato Day provides you with a summary of the match between Egypt and Argentina in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which was held within the matches of today, Sunday, July 25, in the role of football groups.

The chances of the Pharaohs to reach the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games diminished after they lost to Argentina with a goal without a response, to fall to the last place in the table of the third group standings, with a difference of goals from Spain, the third that awaits a match against Australia, leaders this afternoon.

and threatened Egypt national team Argentina scored many chances to score throughout the first half of the match, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

But with the beginning of the second half, the result changed, and the Argentina team advanced with a goal from a direct shot in the bottom of the foot made by defender Facundo Medina – player of the French club Lens – after escaping from the control of Ahmed Hegazy and Mahmoud Al-Wensh with a cross ball that bounced from the left post of Mohamed El-Shennawy to follow it perfectly in the goal.

appeared on Egypt Olympic team He was affected by his bad memories against the Argentine Tango, as he lost to him in the 2001 World Youth Cup, 7-1 during the group stage. Egypt also lost from Argentina in the 16th round of the 2003 World Youth Cup in the UAE, 2-1, and the Pharaohs Youth team returned to fall before Argentina in the World Cup groups in the Netherlands in 2005.

More than one untapped opportunity appeared on the part of Egypt during the first half, the most prominent of which was for the Pyramids club wing Ramadan Sobhi in the 13th minute when he evaded the defender and hit the narrow corner instead of the far corner, so the goalkeeper blocked the ball and turned it into a corner.

The Argentine team controlled the ball most of the time, and its control reached 65%, compared to 35% for the Egyptian team, due to the numerical and individual superiority of the Tango midfielders after the decision of Egypt coach Shawky Gharib to start with three players in the front line with an offensive tendency, “Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Ramadan Sobhi and Salah Mohsen.” And only the duo Akram Tawfiq and Ammar Hamdi on the center circle.

It was the most important opportunity Argentina national team In the ninth minute, when CSKA Moscow striker Adolfo Gaish hit the bottom of the right foot from the defensive depth of Egypt, but fortunately his ball hit the left post.

While Egypt’s most important chances were in the second half at the 87th minute when Ahmed Yasser Rayan followed a cross with a very bad header and the goal was completely empty at the moment the Argentina goalkeeper fell to try to take the ball out with his fist.

The Sapporo Dome hosted a match Egypt Olympic Team And his Argentine counterpart at 9:30 Egypt time, 10:30 Saudi time, 7:30 GMT, and the meeting was moderated by the Bulgarian referee Kabakov.

The Argentine national team was absent today, Francesco Ortega, due to the suspension, after receiving a red card against Australia minutes after the start of the second half.

The Egyptian national team managed to seize a valuable point at the beginning of its career in the championship Tokyo Olympics 2020In the match that was held at Sapporo Dome in Sapporo in Japan last Thursday, with a 0-0 draw with Spain, while Argentina lost 2-0 to Australia.

Egypt 0-1 Argentina

Sapporo Dome
Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Football – Group C – Round Two)
Watch the video of the goals of the match between Egypt and Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.. Tango continues to excel!
Facundo Medina scores Argentinas victory over Egypt at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Getty Images

Egypt Today squad: Mohamed El Shennawy – Ahmed Aboul Fotouh – Ahmed Hegazy – Mahmoud Hamdi Al Wensh – Osama Galal – Karim Al Iraqi – Ammar Hamdi – Akram Tawfik – Ramadan Sobhi – Salah Mohsen – Ahmed Yasser Rayan.

Argentina squad today: Ledesma – Claudio Bravo – Facundo Medina – Nihuen Perez – Hernan de la Fonte – Martin Bayero – Fausto Vera – Ezequiel Barco – Alexis McAllister – Adolfo Gaish.


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