Syed Abdel Hafeez: The decision to postpone the match between Zamalek and Mahalla is in the interest of Al-Ahly


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al-Ahly’s football director, confirmed that his team’s victory over Smouha came at an important stage in the life of the championship, scoring 3 goals in 6 minutes that gave relief to the two teams, especially since Al-Ahly was out of a match 48 hours after facing Pyramids and it was expected that there would be stress on the players.

And he said in statements to Al-Ahly channel, that Al-Ahly plays under any circumstances, and we play for the championship title and we have 13 games left, which is a large number of the age of the competition, and whatever the circumstances we must play and we have an advantage that we must preserve.

He commented on the Football Association’s decision to postpone the match between Zamalek and Ghazl El-Mahalla, stressing: “The decision does not concern me, and it is the decision of the Football Association, and it is one of the best decisions, because we want to approach the difference in points between us and Zamalek, so the decision came in our interest.”

And about his team’s readiness to play the African Champions League final, he explained that the African final is on schedule, and we have received provisions from CAF, including if the match ends in a draw, two more games will be played, as well as about the changes and the referees staff.

He continued: We have the Al-Mokawloon and Al-Maqasa matches, and we are preparing for them strongly to achieve a strong result in them, and then we will prepare for Africa, stressing that all players will have a role in the coming period, and everyone must be prepared and all matches are easy, even if their goals are facilitated.

And he added: Our match with Pyramids is one of the best matches we have played, but we lost two points and were not successful in keeping the victory.

Abdel Hafeez concluded: We need to approach Zamalek and play a number of matches, because the number of matches and the difference in points will decrease with the opponent, and we will have an advantage in points, and when you look at the table, the arrangement will be different and will create pressure on the opponent.

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