The Australian Foreign Ministry calls on its citizens not to travel to Iran


The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs warned Australian citizens, especially Iranians with dual citizenship, against travel to Iran, in its latest travel information update, saying that due to the health risks from COVID-19 in the country, and with the volatile security situation in Iran continuing, there is a high probability To be arbitrarily arrested or detained.

The warning stated that the security situation in Iran is still unstable, and could worsen without warning, so avoid participating in large demonstrations and public gatherings, as foreigners in Iran, including Australians, are arbitrarily arrested or detained, and the risk is greater if You have dual citizenship.

It is also reported that due to the lack of disclosure of details about the detainees by the Iranian security authorities and the lack of clarity on the situation of prisoners in this country, in the event of your Australian arrest or detention, the Australian Foreign Ministry and the Australian Embassy cannot provide or include access to consular services.

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