The coastal star agrees with Al-Ahly’s previous goal to strengthen its ranks in the summer


The Tunisian club, Etoile du Sahel, has agreed with the Egyptian Ahmed Abdel-Maqsoud, the midfielder of Al Rayyan and the Qatar national team, to join the ranks of the sons of Sousse during the current summer transfer period to strengthen their ranks next season.

Abdel Makoudoud’s contract with Etoile du Sahel extends for two seasons, and the player is expected to arrive in Sousse during the Eid holiday.

And Abdel-Maqsoud was close to moving to Al-Ahly’s ranks last season, after Wael Gomaa, the former red team star, praised the player’s technical abilities when inquiring about the player by Al-Ahly’s administration, were it not for some simple details that prevented the player from moving to the Red Castle.

Al-Ahly club officials are waiting to receive the dues of the Red Castle from the Tunisian coastal star, regarding the fine of the Ivorian Soleimani Coulibaly, who escaped from the Red Fort in May 2017 and eventually settled in the coastal star.

And “The Seventh Day” learned that the past days witnessed friendly contacts between Al-Ahly and the coastal star, during which the latter confirmed to the first that he was about to pay the fine for Coulibaly’s penalty, which amounts to one million and 400 thousand dollars during the month of next July.

A source said that the coastal star did not find in front of him anything but to confirm to the Al-Ahly administration that he would pay the Coulibaly fine, so as not to be prevented from being registered, especially after Al-Ahly obtained several rulings confirming the correctness of the position of the Egyptian champion.

The International Sports Court had rejected the appeal submitted by the Etoile Sportive Club and the Ivorian Soleimani Coulibaly, the former Al-Ahly player, and the court upheld the decision issued by the International Football Association to compel the Etoile du Sahel and the player to pay one million and 400 thousand dollars to Al-Ahly Club, in addition to secondary fines of 15%, As of October 2019, Etoile du Sahel is obliged to pay litigation fees.


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