The decisions of the Tunisian president are forbidden by law


The General Union of Muslim Scholars, which was founded by the Brotherhood preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and is currently run by Ali Al-Qarra Daghi and Ahmed Al-Raissouni, issued a fatwa against the legitimacy Tunisian President Kais Saied’s decisions Against the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

On Monday evening, the Union issued a fatwa prohibiting what it described as an assault on the social contract that was carried out by the will of the Tunisian people, and it regulates the relationship between the presidency, the House of Representatives and the prime minister, and preserves – as he put it – the people’s gains in freedom and the rule of law.

The union described the decisions of the Tunisian president as tyranny and an illegal coup, considering that what happened was a regression, and a violation of the will of the people and the constitution approved by the Tunisians.

Tunisian President Kais Saied

Tunisian President Kais Saied

The union stated that these decisions increase the cycle of loss for the Tunisian people and contribute to deepening chaos and turmoil, calling on the Tunisian army to be neutral.

The international organization of the Brotherhood had held extensive consultations to discuss scenarios of confrontation and prevent the fall of the organization in Tunisia, and according to information obtained by “Al”, where Rashid Ghannouchi, head of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda Movement, called Ibrahim Mounir, the acting guide of the group and residing in the British capital London, on Sunday evening. To agree on a confrontation scenario.

For his part, Mounir announced that he and the members and leaders of the international organization will be in a permanent meeting, to agree on the next steps and proposed scenarios to prevent the fall of the organization in its last strongholds that it officially controls, which is Tunisia, which the organization considers a starting point and a return to the entire region again.

According to the plans agreed upon by the leaders of the organization, it was decided, through the leaders of the Brotherhood in Europe, to coordinate with the governments of Europe to extract condemnations against the decisions of the Tunisian president, describe what happened as a coup against the constitution and state institutions, and escalate the matter to the parliaments of those countries to issue official statements of condemnation, as well as urging The Tunisian president has decided to retract his decisions for fear of international sanctions, and to arrange demonstrations in which members of the group participate in European countries, calling on the governments of those countries to intervene and cancel Said’s decisions.

The leaders of the organization agreed to assign branches and associations of the Brotherhood in some Arab and European countries to pressure their country’s governments to issue statements of condemnation and denunciation of the decisions of the Tunisian presidency in order to avoid bloody clashes, and to communicate with European and Western media to mobilize the media against the Tunisian president and to emphasize that what happened in Tunisia is a coup against democracy. , requires international intervention, while urging the leaders of the Tunisian army not to interfere and involve the military establishment in this political conflict and the president’s attempt to monopolize power, as she described it.

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