The defense committee of Belaid and Brahmi supports the extradition of Kais Saied to the prosecution


واعتبرت Belaid and Brahmi Defense Authority In a press conference, on Wednesday, the Tunisian President of the Public Prosecution announced a “legal procedure”.

The commission shed light on the judicial and legal problems facing the investigations into the two assassination crimes, and accused The Renaissance Movement Obstructing the conduct of investigations to prevent the identification of those involved.

The defense team demanded that Belaid AndBrahman Opening an investigation into the Ennahda movement because of its “obstruction to the progress of investigations and the detection of those involved.”

The defense team of Belaid and Brahmi had previously confirmed that it had provided sufficient evidence since February 2019, which proves the involvement of Belaid and Brahmi. Rashid Ghannouchi In standing behind the political assassinations in Tunisia in 2013.

Both Belaid and Brahmi, two of the most prominent opponents of the government led by the Ennahda movement during the 2011 elections, were assassinated by gunmen in front of their residence.

The defense committee of Belaid and Brahmi accuses Ennahda of being politically responsible for the assassinations, while Ennahda denies any involvement in those crimes.

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