The funeral of Rami Sabry’s brother and his burial in the Bab al-Wazir cemetery after the noon prayer


The artist Ramy Sabry performs the funeral prayer on the body of his brother Karim Sabry today, after the noon prayer, the noon prayer, and his funeral at the Bab al-Wazir cemetery in Salah Salem.

The brother of the artist, Ramy Sabry, died a while ago, which was announced by the singer, Shatha, on her page on the social networking site “Facebook”, saying: “Stay and perpetuate God, Karim Sabry, my brother’s brother and my friend, Ramy Sabry, may God protect him.”

And Shatha added: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. There is no useful word to be said, but God is true, as it is said. He was the son of death. May God have mercy on you, O Karim, and give patience to your family and friends, Lord.”


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