The Guardian.. 1200 scientists warn against lifting closure restrictions in England: a danger to the world


A large number of international scientists and experts have warned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to lift almost all restrictions of the Corona epidemic in England, starting next Monday, poses a threat to the world and provides fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants of the Corona virus.

And according to what the British Guardian newspaper reported, scientists and doctors warned at an emergency summit that Britain’s status as a global transport hub means that any new variable that appears in it will spread quickly around the world, and they expressed enormous concerns about Downing Street’s plans.

Among those who sounded alarm bells were government advisers in New Zealand, Israel and Italy, while more than 1,200 scientists in a letter to The Lancet backed the warning that the strategy could lead to the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants.

An adviser to the New Zealand government told the summit that he and his colleagues were astonished by the approach being taken in England

He explained that in New Zealand they will always look to Britain for leadership when it comes to the scientific experiment, which makes it very remarkable that Britain does not follow the basic principles of public health.

Also participating in the summit was Professor Jose Martin Corino of the University of Valencia, a prominent advisor to the World Health Organization, who said we cannot understand why this is happening despite the scientific knowledge that Britain possesses.

Others warned that the British government’s approach would be imitated by authorities in other regions for political purposes.

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