The Ministry of Health offers 7 tips to protect against heat stress


The Ministry of Health and Population has issued a series of advice to protect citizens from the risks of high temperatures, which may reach the point of death, as a result of heat stress caused by sunstroke.

“The Seventh Day” provides an informational analysis in 7 information according to the data of the Ministry of Health to protect citizens from heat stress.

1- Avoid exposure to hot weather or direct sunlight.

2- Putting a hat or covering on the head or using a sun umbrella.

3- Wear light, loose-fitting clothes.

4- It is preferable that the clothes be cotton at the time of high temperatures.

5- Being in well-ventilated places with moderate cold and low humidity.

6- Patients adhere to the instructions of their treating physicians.

7- Go to the nearest hospital if the temperature rises above 40 degrees.


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