The moon is paired with Saturn all night long in a wonderful scene today and a great opportunity for photography


Today, Saturday, July 24, 2021, the sky of Egypt and the Arab world is monitored. The moon, hours after its completion, will shine at the bottom right of the planet Saturn.

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in a report that the moon will ostensibly be close to Saturn In conjunction, near them (to the left of the observer) will be bright Jupiter, all of which will be arranged in a celestial triangle easily seen with the naked eye.

Saturn is the second largest planet after Jupiter, its diameter is 9 times larger than the diameter of the Earth. Like Jupiter, Saturn is composed of gas mainly hydrogen and helium. It is the sixth planet in terms of distance from the sun and is the farthest planet in our solar system that can be easily seen with the naked eye as a golden point.

Saturn is characterized by a wonderful ring system that can be seen through telescopes only. The main ring covers almost the distance between Earth and the Moon and is only one kilometer thick.

By observing the position of the moon at the same time every day, he will notice that its movement is towards the east with respect to the stars and planets. Therefore, the next evening, it will be noticed that the moon has moved away from Saturn towards the east, apparently towards Jupiter, which is its natural movement in orbit around the Earth.


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