The Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt’s Brotherhood, eight years after they were ousted from power, to where?


  • Abdul Baseer Hassan
  • BBC News – Cairo

In 2013 Morsi was removed and imprisoned

photo released, Reuters

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In 2013 Morsi was removed and imprisoned

Eight years after its removal from the rule of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is still searching for a future for itself and a place that guarantees the security of its members and the continuation of its activities amid final court rulings to execute a number of its leaders in Egypt, and the imminent activation of a law allowing the dismissal of its members from government institutions.

This is accompanied by a noticeable improvement in Egyptian relations with countries that strongly supported the group, which is the largest organization of political Islam in the Arab world.

The most sensitive stage

Followers of the affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood and political analysts consider that the past few months may be considered the “most sensitive” in its march during the past five years, with the arrest of Mahmoud Ezzat, the acting guide of the group, the suspension of its media windows broadcasting from Turkey, and stifling restrictions on its political, economic and social activities in Egypt and several Arab countries.

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