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Salah Mohsen, the striker of Al-Ahly club and the Olympic team, went out of the text during the face of Australia in the third round of the group, which ended with the victory of the Pharaohs with the double of Ahmed Yasser Rayan and Ammar Hamdi.

Alaa Abdel Aziz, the managing director of the Olympic team, commented on the incident of Salah Mohsen, the team’s striker, after his objection to the technical staff, led by Shawky Gharib, replacing him during the match.Alaa Abdel Aziz said in radio statements, “There are no sanctions against Salah Mohsen, and we realize that the player had great enthusiasm in order to participate and stay in the green rectangle, for the longest period.”

He added, “We did not see the shot made by the Olympic national team striker during his substitution, but we appreciate the desire of every player to participate.”

– Emad Miteb: Shawky Gharib can deal with Salah Mohsen’s mentality

In the same context, Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly and Egypt striker, said in radio statements, “Shawky Gharib has the experience and capabilities to deal with the mentality of these players.”

He continued, “I do not expect that there will be a penalty to suspend the player, but he may be fined or punished after returning to Egypt so that the Olympic team does not lose the player’s services from a technical point of view.”

He continued, “The Egyptian team presented a more than wonderful technical level against Australia, despite the criticism it was subjected to against Argentina and Spain, but we have to excuse the players because of the time difference that affects the technical level.”

And the former Al-Ahly striker made it clear in his statements, “The team deserves to qualify, and is able to go far in the Tokyo Olympics, and we were able to beat Brazil in a friendly, and we can beat the same competitor in the official confrontation.”He revealed, “The Egyptian team represents the entire Arab world, and we hope that the current generation will be able to reach the final rounds in the tournament, and we have to correct mistakes, as we missed many opportunities in the Argentina meeting, and we have to take advantage of the half-opportunities against Brazil and take advantage of the impetus to beat the opponent in a friendly.”

He continued, “The Olympic team in the 2012 edition played with Brazil in the Olympics and we made a great show despite the loss.”

Imad Miteb defended Shawky Gharib’s way of playing, saying, “I do not see that the way the Olympic team played under the leadership of Shawky Gharib is defensive.”

He added, “Although there were 3 defenders, but there was freedom in the movements of Ramadan, Taher, Salah Mohsen and Ahmed Yasser Rayan.”

Imad Miteb concluded his statements by saying, “The presence of 3 defenders also gave great freedom in the offensive moves of the duo Karim Al-Iraqi and Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, where the duo played the offensive role.”

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