The railways opened an urgent investigation with the two train tracks


summoned body Railroad Conductor The “Menouf-Cairo” train, to be investigated for what was attributed to him in the incident of hitting a citizen with a “pen”, inside the train, because of his refusal to pay a fine for boarding the train without a ticket.

Sources in the authority said that Engineer Mustafa Abu al-Makarem, head of the authority, demanded that al-Kamsari be summoned to investigate the incident and find out its circumstances, explaining that the Minister of Transport issued strict instructions in this regard and would not allow any citizen to be insulted.

She pointed out that the head of the authority issued strict instructions to the supervisors of trains and the bridge to deal with citizens according to the law and not insult and attack them.

A number of the pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook” circulated a video clip showing an argument between a passenger and a citizen inside a train due to the failure to pay the fine for evading the ticket.

A video clip was spread on social media about a quarrel inside the Menouf train between Kamsari and a passenger, demanding to pay the fine for not having a ticket with him, in a new daily fact that raises controversy and turns into an issue of public opinion, which often comes from the railway authority.

The other passengers and one of the women tried to pay the fine to the railway operators, as the passenger took his daughter with him and did not have the price of the ticket or the fine.

A quarrel between a passenger and a passenger on a Menouf train

The quarrel erupted inside the Menouf train at the Hamoul station, until the train reached the Shanwan station.

The video photographer, Hana Zaki, the lawyer, explained that the train conductor asked the man for his ticket, so he told him that he was not with him, so he asked him for a fine, but an argument erupted between them.

The videographer added that she and others tried to pay the fine, but Al-Kamsari refused, determined to make a problem with the passenger, even though he did not see any ticket on the train, explaining that the girl was in a state of complete collapse.

And she confirmed that the passenger was disembarked from the train and the train continued on its way, calling for the necessity of taking legal measures from the Minister of Transport against Al-Kamsari for assaulting a citizen.

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