The second largest diamond of its kind sold for $12 million. The buyer is unknown


The 101.38-carat diamond was sold by Sotheby’s for $12.3 million, paid off. Cryptocurrency, becoming the most expensive piece of jewelry sold in this way, according to the auction house.

Sotheby’s said in a statement that a pear-shaped diamond called “The Key 10138” was sold to an anonymous private collector on Friday, adding that the Diacor gem was the second largest pear-shaped diamond ever sold to the public.

Prior to the sale, the International Auction House said it would accept Bitcoin and Ethereum to purchase the offered diamonds, and estimated that the sale price would reach about $15 million per piece in Hong Kong, according to Bloomberg, and Al reviewed it.

Earlier last week, Sotheby’s said the diamonds on offer would be the most expensive physical asset ever offered for sale for purchase in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is increasingly accepted as a form of payment by auction houses, with Phillips offering a piece of street artist Banksy last month in exchange for Ethereum or Bitcoin. Christie’s also accepted Ethereum payments in the March movie.


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