“The Seventh Day” clarifies the truth about the news of loaning the winch and Zizou… and the role of the director of Hussein Labib’s office


“The Seventh Day” confirms that it stands at an equal distance from all Egyptian clubs, foremost of which is the Zamalek Club, in its belief in the great value represented by the club and its huge fans, as well as the role played by the club and its members in supporting Egyptian sports, and that the “site” is far from Entering as a party to any conflict, because its primary task that the reader is accustomed to is to convey abstract facts without interference.

“The Seventh Day” stresses its great respect and appreciation for the Zamalek club and its fans, and its support for the great sports renaissance witnessed by the club, which culminates in winning many local and continental championships, which are added to the balance of the club and Egyptian sports in general, which represents a source of pride for all Egyptians.

And out of keenness to uphold the public interest, and to clarify all the facts for everyone, especially those raised about what was published about the negotiations of two Saudi clubs to borrow the services of Zamalek players “Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh” and “Ahmed Sayed Zizou”, “The Seventh Day” confirms that all the information that it provides. It was published about these negotiations obtained from reliable sources within the club, specifically from “Professor Mohamed Saad”, director of the office of Captain Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek Club, who informed colleagues on “The Seventh Day” of these negotiations and the communications that take place between Zamalek And Al-Nasr Club and the Saudi Jeddah Federation.

In the interest of “The Seventh Day” on the close relationship that exists between him and the Zamalek club and its large fans, he responded to the request of the members of the committee in charge of managing the club and the media system to amend the two news, especially after the club confirmed during communication with the newspaper that this news may affect the club’s relationship with its fans, and it was published He denied it by the committee, but we were surprised by an unjustified escalation on the part of the club’s management against “The Seventh Day”, by issuing a statement published on the club’s official website announcing the cessation of dealing with the site, stipulating an apology first before the relationship between the club and the site returns to normal.

And “The Seventh Day”, when he clarifies these facts, he reaffirms his great respect for the Zamalek club and its fans, and that he never intended at any time to offend the club, or affect its career, which is what the club’s fans touched, and “The Seventh Day” confirms its continuation in Covering all the news, events and activities of the Zamalek Club, in appreciation of the newspaper’s followers and fans of “Zamalek”.


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