The tracks of the Menouf train narrate the details of the incident


Hamed Abdel Hamid Al-Helbawi, as the conductor of the Tanta train, who angered the citizens after circulating a video of his assault on one of the passengers, said: “I was standing on a train from Kafr El-Zayat that ends in Menouf, then while sorting the train from Menouf to Shebin, you notice a passenger who does not have a ticket for the train.”

And he continued, in exclusive statements to “Al-Bawaba News”, that by asking him about the ticket because it was expired, he said: “I do not have a ticket,” I told him the ticket had expired, and 21 pounds was required, he replied that he would not pay.

And he continued, I asked him about his card, he said there is no way, and he said it is possible, “Being is a disaster, and I throw myself off the train.” Regarding the child’s crying, he said that the girl was crying in fear that her father would come down, and I did not move far from the door for fear that he would throw himself.

On the other hand, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi Mohamed Rashad, the owner of a train conductor (Menouf – Tanta), called yesterday to attend the celebration of a decent life, believing that a decent life is not a decent housing, health or education, but it is self-esteem, humanity and dignity as well.

Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Limon, Governor of Menoufia, received in his office at the General Court, Muhammad Rashad, accompanied by his daughter Malak, the owner of a trespassing incident as two tracks of the Menouf train, in the presence of Muhammad Musa, Deputy Governor, in the context of providing full support and permanent and effective communication with citizens and immediate dealing with their distress through all means of communication social.

During the meeting, the Governor of Menoufia expressed his deep regret for the actions taken towards the citizen, praising his moral level and dealing with the situation with discipline and consistency. He also decided to disburse urgent financial assistance to him.

For his part, Mohamed Rashad expressed his happiness with this medical gesture and the keenness of the Governor of Menoufia to communicate with him to meet him, while the citizen gave a greeting of thanks and appreciation to the Governor for his efforts in communicating and providing support for humanitarian cases.

The pioneers of the social networking site circulated a video last Tuesday from the Menouf Shebin El-Kom train, in which a girl no more than 8 years old appears crying after her father was insulted by a ticket collector, “Kamsra”, after the first failed to pay the value of the ticket, which sparked reactions wide.

It is noteworthy that the 39-year-old owner of the Menouf train incident lives in the Marg area in Cairo and works as an employee in one of the companies and goes to the village of Al-Hamoul on a regular basis to visit his daughter’s grandmother.

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