The two children, Mona Ahmed Zaher and Selim, lead the social media in a 10-year violin episode


Mona Ahmed Zahir and the child Salim caught the attention, and they topped the conversation on social media, after the spread of a video clip of them in an episode that captured the hearts of all for spontaneity and wit, Mona Ahmed Zaher and the healthy child, and the episode included many questions whose answers came in an entertaining and funny way, Central to the fundamental questions was what they would do 10 years from now, in 2031.

The presenter’s questions for the two children

Mona said with laughter, ten years, I will be 20, and she takes her answer again and says 18, as the current age is only 8 years, while the child Selim replied that his age would be “too many” before correcting the answer for 17 years.

And the announcer was keen in his questions to the child Salim, it will be in a rumen and you have a bean until he answers in a humorous way: “Of course not, before I get married and when I am old, our Lord is the one who will make me a stomach or not, I don’t know.”

Mona Ahmed Zaher explained that she wants her hair to be long: “My hair was long, but Mama told me, and I looked very nice, I wanted it long, my hair was close to Rapunzel.” As for the child’s answer, Selim was clear: “If my hair is long, I will cut it.”

The vision of the two children to 2031

And about how the two children, Mona Ahmed Zaher and Selim, see the world in 2031, Mona explained that she hopes that Corona will disappear and return to school and see her friends, while “Salim” expects the world to change when houses are broken and built in other large areas, and the first expected salary to Mona regarding Her future work will be 1,000 pounds per week, while Selim said: “I don’t know, and it was the people who gave me the money.


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