The US State Department reveals new details about the Renaissance Dam


US State Department spokesman Samuel Warburg revealed new details in the Renaissance Dam crisis, pointing out that the United States urges all parties to refrain from any unilateral steps in the Renaissance Dam file.

Samuel Warburg added in a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Musa on the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel: “We wish to resume negotiations on the Renaissance Dam file between the three countries under the leadership of the African Union and America is involved in the Renaissance Dam file, and is ready to present Any technical assistance.

Samuel Warberg continued: “It is necessary for Ethiopia to return to the negotiating table again, we do not want to see negotiations without results in the file of the Renaissance Dam, but we want dialogue and negotiations to turn into results that negotiations cannot continue for many years, and America sees that the issue of the Renaissance Dam is an important issue. It must be resolved.”

The waters of the Nile River are important to Egypt

The US State Department spokesman said that the Nile waters are important to Egypt and Sudan, and the Security Council believes that the African Union is the most appropriate institution to deal with the dam crisis; He explained that the United States sees the need for a solution between the three countries in the dam crisis.

He added, during an intervention via Skype with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, on the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, that America is ready to provide assistance in order to restore the course of negotiations and supports the continuation of negotiations between the three countries to resolve the crisis, and an agreement must be reached between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resolve the dam crisis.

He explained that the United States will continue the dialogue with the three countries in order to continue the negotiations, and America believes that the Ethiopian dam crisis is important and must be resolved.

He pointed out the importance of having consensus on the time frame in order to reach an agreement on the dam and that all parties should not take unilateral measures.

Earlier, Ambassador Mohamed Idris, Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said that the path of the Security Council is one of the paths and not the only one in the issue of the Renaissance Dam, and it is not the path that is expected from him to solve this problem, continuing: “If the path of the Security Council was the solution Why did we delay 10 years and did not go to it, but the council is not the solution, but it is a path that we put forward after not reaching a result in the negotiations throughout this period.”

Idris added, in a telephone interview from New York, to the “Evening DMC” program with the journalist Rami Radwan, via DMC, that there is no precedent for presenting this issue before to the Security Council, and Egypt has set a precedent that has not been shown before in this place, noting that The decision submitted by Tunisia regarding the Renaissance Dam crisis on behalf of Egypt and Sudan, the parties will engage in it, and some have raised amendments to it in the Council, and the Council will consult on the decision and there is no specific timetable for the Tunisian draft resolution.

Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations explained that Egypt’s goal in presenting the crisis to the Security Council is to discuss the issue between different countries, adding: “There are daily problems and crises that the Council could not stop in Libya, Syria and Yemen, but this did not prevent the parties from going to the Council. to discuss crises.

He pointed out that the brothers in Tunisia have been engaging over the past weeks to discuss the decision submitted by them to solve the crisis of the Renaissance Dam, and this project takes consultations and has many accounts, and the time range will be determined by the members of the Security Council in the end, to put the draft resolution to the vote, stressing that the presented resolution calls for a return to negotiations In the case of the Renaissance Dam.

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