The women’s volleyball team defeats the owner of the land in determining the positions in the World Championship in Belgium


The women’s volleyball team, led by its technical director Ahmed Fathy, defeated its Belgian counterpart, with a score of 2/3, in the first placement journey from the ninth to the sixteenth in the World Under-20 Championship in Belgium. It is scheduled to meet the Egyptian national team with Belarus tomorrow, Wednesday.

For his part, Ayman Ghazlan, a member of the Board of Directors of the temporary committee of the Volleyball Federation, acting CEO, revealed that in the event of winning both matches, they will compete for the positions from the ninth to the 12th, and in the event of loss, they will compete from the thirteenth to sixteenth.

The women’s volleyball team ranked last in the first round, as it lost 0-3 to its Polish counterpart, at the end of its first-round matches. The women’s team lost the volleyball from its Italian counterpart in its first match on Friday, before losing to Belarus 3/2 on Saturday.

The delegation of the women’s volleyball team under 20 years arrived in Belgium last Wednesday, where the delegation was headed by Nadia Rashwan, a member of the temporary committee of the Volleyball Federation.

The squad list includes:

1- May Mahmoud Fouad

2- Verse of the club

3- Farida El Hennawy

4- Maryam Thabet

5- Logan Yasser

6- Ayat Yassin

7- Nour Ehab

8- Nada Morgan

9- Salma Youssef

10- Sabine Hassan

11- King of Buhairi

12- Farah Al-Ayidi


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