“The Year of Life” by Hussein Al Jasmi, the first in the Arab world and the second globally


Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi’s social song “Sunnah Al Hayat” achieved first place in the Arab world and second globally; Because it is the most influential and most watched song on YouTube, according to the release of the advertising section of the site on its official platform “YouTube Ads Leaderboard”.

The artist Al Jasmi, through his page on “Instagram”, thanked his fans and wrote: Thanks to God in our Arabic language, we have gained global respect and led the first ranks globally with your support and love, our dear audience, in short, you are joy, love and glory, congratulations for the year of life.

The song “Sunnat al-Hayat” carried a propaganda idea, and was filmed in a video clip, embodying the distance and closeness in daily social life, and the stages of longing and pain between loved ones and family and returning from travel.
On the artistic level, Al Jasmi is preparing for a concert in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, July 22, with artist Asala Nasri.


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