Tigana: What happened with Sassi will not be repeated with Ben Sharqi .. and Zamalek is closest to the league


Ismail Youssef, a former member of the Zamalek board of directors, revealed that he is not with the policy of unifying player contracts, especially since the players capabilities are different, so contracts cannot be unified with different players capabilities.

Tigana said, in statements to Ontime Sport channel, that he was hoping that Ferjani Sassi would renew with the team, as Amir Mortada had agreed with Sassi to renew contracts for one million and 800 thousand dollars.

Youssef pointed out that Ferjani Sassi should have bought the audience’s love, which is priceless, as the Zamalek fans did not like any foreign player like Sassi, and the public is the one who makes the stars, and Zamalek does not stand on a player, in addition to the player’s public affected by his departure, What happened with him will not be repeated with Ben Sharqi.

Ismail Youssef added that Mustafa Mohamed’s departure from Zamalek was a mistake, and Zamalek will not be able to compensate him, as the team’s level was affected by his departure, but Hossam Hassan, a Smouha player, is able to compensate for his departure from Ben Sharqi. He said that he spoke with the player’s agent to stay in the club.

And about the league championship, Tigana said: Zamalek is the closest to the league because of the spirit of the players.


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