Tokyo 2020.. Mohamed Abdel-Aal qualifies for the 32nd round in judo after defeating the Hungarian champion


Egypt’s Mohamed Abdel-Aal qualified for the 32nd round of judo competitions, after defeating Hungarian champion Attila Ongfri, ranked 20th in the world, under the weight of 81 kg, at the Olympic Games currently held in Tokyo.

Mohamed Abdel-Aal overtook his opponent, who received the third yellow card, to win the match 10-0 in the men’s singles judo competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Tokyo delegation is the largest in the history of Egyptian Olympic participation, as the number of players reached 146, with 134 main, divided into 86 players and 48 players, in addition to 12 reserves, according to what the Olympic Committee sent to its international counterpart..

Compared to the previous mission, which was the largest in number, which was held in Tokyo, its number was 119 male and female players, and therefore Tokyo is the largest in number.

Mohamed Abdel-Al faces Italian Christian Parlatti in the round of 32, after he succeeded in overcoming the obstacle of Hungarian champion Attila Ongfri.


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