Tunisia .. Said assigns the director of presidential security to oversee the interior


This decision came hours after the announcement Happy dismissal of government Hisham Al-Mashishi Freezing the work of Parliament and lifting the immunity of its members, in a step he said was necessary in order to save the country Tunisia.

This appointment acquires great meaning, as Al-Mashishi dismissed, shortly after taking office, the Minister of Interior, who is close to Said, Tawfiq Sharaf Al-Din.

This dismissal was among the reasons that led to the intensification of the conflict between Saeed and Al-Mishi.

The appointment of an official at the Ministry of Interior is also critical, at a time when the country is experiencing protests that may turn into chaos, and face an unprecedented health crisis with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Al Yahyaoui had assumed responsibility for presidential security in Tunisia in 2019, succeeding Brigadier General Raouf Mouradaa.

وحمل Al Yahyaoui Bachelor’s degree from Military Academy in 1997, in addition to a higher degree in National Security.

He worked since 1998 in the General Department for the Security of the Tunisian Head of State and Official Figures, and remained in this department until in 2007 he joined the Anti-Terrorism Unit, which he remained in until 2011, and then usually to the presidential security apparatus.

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