Twitter suspends a number of fake accounts with blue ticks


Twitter said it permanently suspended a “small number” of fake accounts it had mistakenly verified just weeks after it relaunched its public verification program. Recently created on June 16, none of them posted a single tweet, and two used what appeared to be stored profile pictures, The verege reported.

“We have erroneously accepted verification requests for a small number of non-genuine (fake) accounts,” Twitter said to the Daily Dot in a statement. “We have now permanently suspended the accounts in question, and removed their verification badge, under our Platform Manipulation and Spam Policy.”

The incident indicates that Twitter’s verification process is having problems, and it’s not picking up on non-genuine account types that obviously shouldn’t deserve the platform’s coveted blue badge.

Twitter recently relaunched public verification apps with a revamped set of eligibility criteria based on the idea that an account must be “authentic, distinct, and active” to be worth verification. The accounts identified were clearly none of those accounts.

As Norteno explains in a Twitter thread, the six accounts had 976 suspicious followers in common — all created between June 19 and June 20 — and a significant number of them were using AI-generated profile pictures. It consists of at least 1212 accounts.


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