Urgent: Actress Mai Omar is exposed to a sudden health crisis


The young actress announced May OmarToday, Wednesday, the twenty-eighth of July, she was exposed to a sudden health crisis.

Mai Omar announces a mysterious illness

Where the artist, Mai Omar, the wife of director Mohamed Sami, revealed that she had contracted a mysterious disease a long time ago, and the artist announced, through her official and private account on the social networking site and the exchange of photos and short videos on Instagram, that she was exposed to a sudden health crisis.

And the artist, Omar Omar, published a picture of her through her official account on the Instagram website, in front of a health care center on the North Coast, and commented on the photo, saying: “Two weeks ago, I suffered from a sudden illness that required more tests, so that everyone around me kept asking me.” Return to Cairo. However, I was very tired and sick.”

And the artist, Mai Omar, added, in her comment on the photo, that she went to a famous clinic in Marassi and provided her with the necessary medical care and thanked them deeply.

It is worth noting that the last work of the artist Mai Omar was the series “Nessal Al-Aghrib” starring Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara in the last Ramadan race.


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