Urgent.. Safaa Abu Al-Saud’s prominent statements in her meeting with Bossi Shalaby.. She advises people to exercise


Actress Safaa Abu Al-Saud came yesterday evening on the “Layali Ten” program, with the media, Bossi Shalaby, and made many important statements and revealed many surprises that happened to her during the last period in which she disappeared.

Safaa Abu Al-Saud reveals the secret of her grace on stage

The able artist Safaa Abu Al-Saud revealed the secret behind her grace on stage despite her old age, and confirmed that she loves the theater since her young age, and also that all the stars of the shows on the stage have high agility, and indicated that this is what goes back to the exercise continuously. .

The artist, Safaa Abu Al-Saud, gave advice to everyone, saying, “An advice to all people, not just artists, and I tell them that the muscle in it is what is known as memory, and any athlete stays away from sports and when he comes back he quickly regains his level.”

The actress added Safaa Abu Al-Saud She exercises almost daily and tries as much as possible to practice many of the good and distinctive movements that are on stage, and confirmed that all sports are good, even walking is one of the most distinctive and good things.

She sent a message to her late husband, Sheikh Saleh Kamel, saying, “I feel that he is only a traveler, and I give him a promise that I will present a fine art, honorable, and there is no vulgarity or anything that disturbs you,” and it is one of the things that affected her a lot while talking about him in the episode.


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