Urgent.. the fate of the doctors who caused the deterioration of Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s condition.. Get to know her


The Physicians Syndicate emphasized that the doctor will be punished in the event of real medical negligence or a non-specialized therapist, or if the hospital is not qualified, and also the calculation begins with all degrees of disparity related to the head, and it begins with blame and reaches the point of writing off from the union permanently and stopping it from work.

A member of the Medical Syndicate confirms that he will hold the doctor responsible for what happened to Yasmine Abdel Aziz to account

The repeated attacks on medical staff constitute a real obstacle to the continuation of the provision of medical service, and all cases of assault on doctors have spread for years for many reasons, the most important of which are shortages of medicines and all capabilities in hospitals, as well as cases of tension for the people accompanying the patient and their large number, This results in friction between both doctors and patients families and ends with an attack on the doctor.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zayat, a member of the Doctors Syndicate, commented on what happened with the artist Yasmin Abdel AzizAnd he stressed that the doctor will be held accountable if the crime is committed against him, and also the account begins with all its varying degrees of punishment, starting with censure and ending with permanent removal from the union and suspension from work.

He stressed that a distinction must be made at the outset between both medical negligence and the medical error that was reported about its occurrence, and the error is the one that causes some complications to the diseased condition during treatment after the operation or treatment of the diseased condition.

Medical negligence is what occurs because of a non-specialized doctor or someone who works in a place that is not equipped or can deal with such cases, and there is also a big difference between both negligence and the error that may occur.

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