Valerie Abu Chakra has two children and their first picture!


Actress and former Miss Lebanon, Valerie Abou Chakra, gave birth to twin girls in a hospital in Beirut.

Valerie published a photo from the hospital, in which she appeared with her two daughters on her lap, and expressed her happiness with them.

At the bell, we expected that Valerie would give birth to a girl from the beginning of her pregnancy, and we relied on the saying (a girl looks like her mother), because Valerie was at her most beautiful during pregnancy, and now she gave birth to two children!

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And here we convey to you the opinion of science, regarding the saying (a girl wears her mother’s adornment), and is it true that a pregnant girl becomes more beautiful and a boy who is less beautiful?

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Sometimes you hear phrases such as: Your nostrils are big: so you are pregnant with a boy, “You are sweet, you are pregnant with a girl, the girl is sweetening her mother”, and all these legacies that those around you are trying to predict the gender of your fetus have no scientific basis, but it is possible to distinguish between signs of pregnancy Boy or girl, by symptoms:

The symptoms of a girl’s pregnancy are completely different from the symptoms of a boy’s pregnancy! Get to know them now!

1- Fetal movement

The first thing that the mother feels when she is pregnant is the movement of the fetus inside her womb. This feeling often comes in the twentieth week of pregnancy, but sometimes this matter begins during the sixteenth week. Then the mother learns that she is pregnant with a boy and not a girl because the movement of the male fetus begins earlier. If the fetus’s movement is very active at the beginning of the 20th week, this means that it is a girl. Doctors emphasized that female fetuses are more powerful than male fetuses, so the females move inside the mother’s abdomen with more than three movements within half an hour, while the males kick more than they move. It is known that the position of the placenta determines the movements of the fetus, and therefore relying on it in the matter of determining the sex of the fetus is inaccurate.

2- Abdominal shape

Abdominal shape is one of the important signs that contribute to determining the gender of the newborn. When the abdomen is low to the bottom, the woman is pregnant with a boy, but if the abdomen is raised to the top significantly and very clear, this means that she is pregnant with a girl. A pregnant girl with a girl whose stomach is not large, and the woman will notice a large swelling in the pelvic area and buttocks, which makes the abdomen in an oval shape, unlike the pregnancy boy.

3- The desire to eat sweets

One of the signs of pregnancy is a craving for sweets, but if you find yourself wanting to eat salty foods, this means that you are pregnant with a boy. These foods, whether salty or sweet, contribute greatly to the weight gain of a pregnant woman, as if she is pregnant with a girl, her weight increases, but her body shape remains consistent, including her face. But if she is pregnant with a boy, she will find that her weight increases excessively, as the increase is concentrated in the abdomen and waist areas, and the body of the pregnant woman is inconsistent or graceful; This is one of the signs of pregnancy, born in the eighth month, when the pregnant belly is clearly enlarged.

4- morning sickness

A mother who is pregnant with a boy does not experience much morning sickness compared to a mother who is carrying a girl. One of the signs of pregnancy for a boy in the second and third month is the absence of severe morning sickness, unlike the pregnancy of a girl, where the woman is exposed to severe and violent morning sickness. As for a baby boy, morning sickness is mild and does not last long. It appears in the first trimester of pregnancy and quickly disappears quickly. This sign is one of the very famous signs by which a mother knows if she is pregnant with a girl or a boy.

5- The size of the nose

The size of the nose of the pregnant mother with a boy is very large, it is possible for the mother to prepare for the fact that her nose is swollen, but this is its normal shape, unlike a pregnant woman with a girl, so her nose is of its normal size without increase or decrease. You should note the size of your nose, then, and determine the gender of your fetus yourself.

6- Poetry

If the mother finds her hair weak, dull and matte, then this is a sign that she is pregnant with a boy, but if it is shiny, shiny and healthy, then she is pregnant with a girl. You should also monitor the shape of your hair to determine the gender of your fetus. In addition, a significant and rapid increase in body and facial hair is evidence that you are pregnant with a boy, unlike a woman who is pregnant with a girl. The growth of her head and body hair in general is slow.

Valerie Abu Chakra has two children and their first picture!
Valerie Abou Chakra


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