Wajih Ahmed: There is no law for the goal of Muhammad Sharif.. These are the scenes of choosing rulers


01:12 AM

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Books – Omar Qura:

Wajih Ahmed, head of the referees committee in the Football Association, spoke about the situation that sparked controversy because of the identity of the third goal holder in the Al-Ahly match against Egypt Al-Maqassa during the match that was held in the 18th round of the Egyptian Premier League, which was calculated for Mohamed Sharif, who is competing for the title of top scorer in the competition. .

Wajih Ahmed said, in phone statements to the “Al-Match” program on the “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “Mohamed Sharif’s game has no law as much as it is an appreciation of the referee. 2001, which was restricted by the African Union “K” as a target in favor of El-Hadary.”

He added: “The reverse goal is calculated if the player deliberately played and mistakenly dwelt in his goal, such as Spain’s reverse goal in the euro when the goalkeeper failed to control the rebound ball from his colleague.”

He continued: “The situation witnessed controversy because of Mohamed Sharif’s competition for the top scorer title, but if any other player, it would not have caused controversy.”

He continued: “Calculating intrusion has more than one technique, the first is “Single Line”, but in the case of the complexity of the game, “Double Line” technology is used, and it may reach “Triple Line”, the matter is not subject to humans, the technology is what determines if the player Offside or not, even if we are not convinced with our naked eyes, and this is what happens in Europe.”

He continued, “We played in the Premier League about 720 matches, matches are very difficult, especially in light of the qualification of the first to the excellent and the relegation of five clubs. We thank God that we succeeded in managing them arbitrarily and we qualified a number of arbitrators who can manage matches in the Premier League at the highest level.”

He continued: “We have 21 referees who have a VAR license in the Premier League, I hope they reach 40 to expand the selection base. We have nine matches a week on 21 referees, so the referees will repeat every week in the Premier League.”

Regarding the scenes of choosing the referees of the summit, Wajih Ahmed confirmed: “We chose Amin Omar to manage the last Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in order to market him to Kef to run international matches, and I chose two of the arena referees as video referees so that they have the ability to read the image.”

And he concluded, saying: “Ahmed Mujahid, president of the Football Association, is the one who made the decision to appoint Egyptian referees for the two summit matches, and if any arbitration error had occurred in the first or second summit, I would have been sacrificed. “.


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