Watch.. A surprising question for the Egyptian Minister of Education: What did he collect “milk”?


Today, Saturday, the Arabic language exam for high school in Egypt sparked angry reactions to the questions that the students considered outside the curriculum.

In turn, the Egyptian Minister of Education, Tarek Shawky, commented on these reactions, saying that students used to memorize questions in exams and feel illusory superiority.

During his telephone interview on an Egyptian satellite channel, the minister called on the parents and students not to focus on matters related to long exams and time, especially since the whole matter is a competition among students in the performance of exams with fixed standards.

But the announcer, Sayed Ali, the presenter of the program, surprised the minister with a difficult question that was among the exam questions: What is the plural of the word “milk”? The minister replied: “I do not keep the answer nor do we know the exam,” stressing that the computer is the one who does the exam and takes it from Question bank and there are 5 multiple-choice.

He pointed out that with regard to students’ complaints about the lack of fans in the committees, he explained that the instructions of the Ministry of Health issued its instructions not to use fans for reasons related to the Corona virus, but only side fans were allowed to be used.

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