Watch.. Ghada Abdel Razek laughing at Nayef Al-Dhafiri, the hero of the series “Al-Rashash” in its beginnings.. Basil Khayat’s opinion is shocking!


The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip from the beginnings of the Saudi actor Nayef Al DhafiriThe star of the series “Rashes”, while performing a scene as a contestant on the “Arab Casting” program, which was shown years ago.

It was Nayef Al Dhafiri In his acting beginnings, when he came as a contestant in the program, he performed a representative scene in the nature of eloquent Arabic poetry, but this did not like the members of the jury consisting of: Ghada Abdel Razzaq, andBasil Khayat, Waqsi khori, and Carmen wears.

The jury criticized Al-Dhafiri’s performance at the time, as Ghada Abdel Razek appeared laughing at his performance, while the Syrian actor told him Basil KhayatYou are in the East and representation is in the West.

The pioneers of the communication sites were quick to comment, and one of them wrote: “Glory be to God, the one who destroys you always gives you a strong impetus in life that you become one of the best.”

Another commented: “In the end, an artist came out and from one series he became famous.”

Others also criticized Basil Khayat Where one of them said, “By God, I saw a series Basil Khayat With Yousra, his acting in one of the scenes was fake and made me laugh, even though it was a scene that was supposed to be dramatic ”.

machine gun series

The Rashas series relies on a large number of Saudi names, most notably, Jacob Farhan (machine gun), andNayef Al Dhafiri (Fahd), Fayez bin Jeries (Omar), Hakim Juma (Sultan), Abdullah Al-Buraq (Mahal), Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj (Qahs), Ayman Al-Mutahhar (Musleh), Khaled Yaslam (Chef Azzam), Somaya Reda (Aida), and Atlala Especially for Hassan Asiri.

was Nayef Al Dhafiri, who presented the role of officer “Fahd”, spoke about the work, saying that “action and movement drama is one of the genres that we did not present before in Saudi drama, especially in an experience of this magnitude, in addition to that, I wanted to work with Jacob Farhan”.

He referred to the difficult filming conditions during the quarantine and the precautionary measures against the “Corona” virus. He praised the great efforts of the production and directing teams, hoping that “the work will live up to the taste, mentality and dramatic choices of the Saudi audience.”


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