Watch: Hajar Ahmed draws attention with her first comment after her wedding


The young artist, Hajar Ahmed, said for the first time after her wedding to businessman Ahmed Haddad, in a hotel in the Fifth Settlement area in Cairo a few days ago.And she published a picture that she collected with her husband on her official account in the photo-sharing application (Instagram), commenting: “In the sky is your provision and what you are promised, and I have satisfied myself with my husband, O God, he has provided me with praise for you,” according to (her).

She added, “Thank you from my heart to everyone who took of his precious time, even a minute, and shared our joy from all the Arab world. Our joy was completed with your love and sincere prayers.”

Hajar Ahmed is currently filming the scenes of her new movie “Zombie on Jumpy”, with Ali Rabie, Hamdi Al-Mirghani and Shaima Seif, directed by Amr Salah, and it is scheduled to be shown in cinemas during the New Year’s holidays.


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