Watch.. Nawal Al Zoghbi publishes the scenes of the video clip “Dance”


Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi published several videos through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, from the scenes of the video clip for her new song “Dance”, and Nawal commented on the scenes: “Dance, dance, dance .. give your hand, let the dance.”

And the song “Raqq” is from the mini album “Ask Al Nature”. Nawal presented it about a week ago and achieved more than 3 million views on the official Rotana channel on YouTube.

The song is written by: Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Alfred Al-Asaad, arranged by Robert Al-Asaad, mix and mastering by Nour Al-Asaad.

A short time ago, Nawal performed a successful and large concert in Syria, where his cards were sold a week before the concert, while Nawal was exposed to a health problem before the concert, but she went up to the stage and continued singing until the end of the concert, after which she visited her private doctor and reassured her audience of her health.

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