Watch .. Tears, dancing and love between Nadine Njeim and Mutasem Al-Nahar in “Zahra Salon”


The Lebanese star, Nadine Njeim, published through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram” the promo of the series “Zahra Salon”, which will be shown on the “Shahid” platform next August.

Nadine Najim and her children during the holiday – photo from her account on Instagram

Nadine appeared in the video, dancing and listening, while she appeared in clips while she was in love with the Syrian star Moatasem Al-Nahar, her co-star in the series. While the tears did not leave the story of the work in some of the clips, which suggests that we will be facing a new story between Mutasim and Nadine.

In turn, Nadine commented on the video: “Zahra Salon will soon be exclusively watched, produced by Sabah and directed by Joe Bou Eid.”

The video won the admiration of Nadine’s followers, who wished her success in this work, considering that the promo contains great suspense for the story that she will bring together with Mutasim.

She spent her holidays with her two sons

On the other hand, on a personal level, Nadine spent her vacation with her two sons in the town of Chouf, Lebanon, and expressed her admiration for the place and the comfort in which she lives there, away from the pressure of work.

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