Weightlifters: Qatar spent on Hassouna what we spend on teams..and we have a treasure m


11:47 PM

Saturday 31 July 2021

Books – Ahmed Sherif:

Mahmoud Mahgoub, head of the management committee of the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation, confirmed that Faris Hassouna, who won the gold in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics under the Qatari flag, had never played in the name of Egypt.

Mahgoub pointed out, in statements to the Sada Al-Balad channel, that Hassouna was provided with unlimited financial capabilities in Qatar to win the Olympics, unlike what is happening in Egypt, as he described.

Mahjoub said: “Faris Hassouna has never played in the name of Egypt before at any age. He is with his father outside the country. His condition is very similar to the case of Hussein Yasser Al-Muhammadi, who played football for the Qatar national team.”

He continued, “Hassouna is the only weightlifting player in Qatar, and they spend very large sums of money on him equivalent to what is spent on teams in Egypt, so what could I say to him when he was naturalized?!”

He added, “Hassounas coronation means that Egypt has a very large treasure of talent, and we cannot take advantage of this treasure while every country is interested in its distinguished games to win Olympic medals.”

He concluded: “We in Egypt have very limited capabilities, and when they were available to us, we achieved a great achievement in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but when we succeed, the problems in front of us increase and they sharpen knives.”


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