Why is the world afraid of the mutant “Delta”? Experts determine the risk


Your father World Health Organization, to issue new guidelines for handling this mutation, which has spread to at least 85 countries and has the potential to spread more quickly than the original infection.

The mutator appearedDelta“For the first time in India, then spread through this Asian country and Britain. Experts say it poses a greater threat in countries that have not made great strides in vaccinating against the Corona virus.

The World Health Organization advised people who received two doses of vaccination to wait and continue to wear the muzzle, in light of the continuous increase in cases of infection with the virus. Corona The novelty.

The advice comes as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Americans last May that they no longer need to wear a muzzle outdoors or observe social distancing.

According to estimates by the World Health Organization, the mutated “Delta” will become the dominant version of the virus in the world, within a few months.

The organization’s guidelines indicate that the prevention of this mutation should be similar to the procedures that we have familiarized with since the emergence of the epidemic, that is, through social distancing and wearing a muzzle.

Why is the world afraid of “Delta”?

The mutant “Delta”, or what is known in the scientific community as “B.1.617.2”, raises increasing fear because it is the most transmitted among the corona mutant, at the present time.

Health data indicate that the “delta” mutant is 50% faster than the “alpha” mutant, which was first detected in Britain.

Experts also doubt that the “delta” mutator can escape from the antibodies secreted by the body, whether through infection with corona and recovering from it, or by taking a vaccine.

The concerns do not stop there, because the “alpha” mutant may negatively affect treatments known as “monoclonal” in order to alleviate the disease.Covid 19‘, but a state of doubt and uncertainty dominates the researchers.

In the event that the “delta” mutation actually affects the currently available treatments, this means confusing and disrupting the world’s battle against the disease that began in late 2019, and is still continuing until now, in the second half of 2021.

The mutated “Delta” is also pushing to continue imposing travel restrictions between a number of countries, while the tourism sector was waiting to breathe a sigh of relief, especially in light of the progress of vaccination campaigns in a number of countries in the world.

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