With the help of his daughter-in-law, an elderly man sexually assaults a child and kills her in blasphemy


11:45 AM

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Today, Thursday, the investigations of Al-Hamoul Police Station in Kafr El-Sheikh solved the mystery of finding the body of a 4-year-old girl, dumped in the stairwell of a house, bearing traces of an attack in the village of Al-Sameen.

The examination of the Public Prosecution Office, and the investigations led by Lt. Col. Muhammad Imad Amer, Chief of Investigations of the Hamoul Police Station, revealed that the girl had been sexually assaulted, with traces of injections in her arms, and ear abrasions.

The information confirmed that Jamal A.A.A. was behind the perpetration of the incident, in association with his son’s wife, Nourhan A.A., 17 years old, the victim’s grandfather’s neighbors.

It turned out that the girl was accompanied by her mother on a visit to the grandfather’s house in the village of Eighty, and when the accused saw her, he lured her to his house, and took her to the roof for the purpose of sexual assault on her, but she screamed and strangled her, and he used his daughter-in-law who injected her with a medical drug to wake her up thinking that she was still alive. .

The accused said in the investigations, that she removed the golden earring from the girl’s ear, and hid it to delude her parents and the police after finding her body that killing her was for the purpose of theft.

Investigations revealed that the accused had hidden the girl’s body in his home, and then went to join her family in searching for her and pretended to be sad and worried about her.

The suspects were arrested, taken to the Hamoul police station, and confronted with the results of the investigations of the mabahith, and the efforts of the criminal investigation team, they admitted that they had committed the incident.

A report No. 4282 of 2021 was issued for the administration of the Hamoul Police Station, and by submitting to the Public Prosecution, it decided to autopsy the girl’s body, and authorize the burial after the autopsy was performed, while the Public Prosecution completed its investigations.

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