Yasmine Abdel Aziz, how did she respond to the torture of her maid?


The Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz ignored the news of her torturing her maid and beating her with inhumane methods, and she did not give the matter any value to her.

And she published a new video in which she presented her beauty and femininity and lied that news that distorts her name and reputation in an indirect way.

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If she had hit her maid, the maid would have complained about her to her embassy, ​​which provides her with protection and security, and filed a lawsuit against her, even if she was a big star the size of Jasmine.

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Egyptian actor Ahmed Al-Awadi, Yasmine’s husband, rejected all these American allegations against his wife, and publicly defended her for the first time since their marriage.


Please from the newspaper, which I am proud of, and for which I have all the respect and appreciation, to investigate the accuracy.. Gentlemen journalists, my colleagues, are telling me that this news will send them from an international number.. Of course, the smear campaign against Yasmine is well-known and it is well known who is behind her, and I am silent until now out of respect for the respected audience, but my wife is a red line. This is for everyone who deliberately defames Yasmine in front of the community.”

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And he continued: “And my failure to respond to all transgressions is respect for the respected public and in implementation of the false saying of our master Omar Amitu by keeping silent about him, and in accordance with the saying of Imam Al-Shafi’i.. If a fool addresses you, do not answer him. Silence is better than his answer. The paid and continuous smear campaigns against me and Yasmine are nothing but miserable attempts. It will not work.. Here is the news published by a page specially prepared for Yasmine.. The date of the page is three days ago.. I will not go beyond respect for everyone and I hope those who beg him to distort the image of Jasmine calm and rest.


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