You followed me.. Menna Arafas husband complains about her after 5 days of marriage


The artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, the husband of the artist Menna Arafa, revealed her most prominent defects, days after their marriage.

Mahmoud al-Mahdi said that the most prominent shortcomings of his wife, Menna Arafa, are extreme nervousness, as the least thing that stirs her nerves, and she is very fond of organization, reaching the point of obsession, which disturbs her a lot that the place around her is disorganized, according to what was reported on the seventh day.

For her part, Menna Arafa revealed the most prominent defects of her husband, which is the extreme coldness, which is completely opposite, and the extreme stubbornness over trivial things.

And the artist, Menna Arafa, celebrated her marriage a few days ago to the young artist, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, in a family atmosphere.

On the other hand, Menna Arafa is waiting for the release of her new movie “666”, starring Wafaa Amer, Aida Ghoneim, Sami Maghawry, Khaduja Sabry, Mahmoud Mahdi and Majed Abdel Azim, written and produced by Ahmed Ashour and directed by Wael Abdel Qader.

Its events revolve in a framework of horror and excitement through a mystery that threatens the life of the heroine of the work, embodied by the artist Aida Ghoneim, as she turns to the work of magic and the use of the grave digger embodied by the artist Majid Abdel Azim, through exhuming the graves and exploiting the bodies in the work of magic to solve the mystery that threatens her life and the life of her family. completely, so you have to deal with the puzzles of this terrifying number.

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