Zahrat Al Khaleej – A great similarity between Carole Samaha and her daughter in the latest appearance


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Pictures of the Lebanese star Carole Samaha and her daughter “Tala”, with the two stars Laila Elwi and Ilham Shaheen in Dubai, caused a state of wide interaction between the audience on social networking sites, where the image came spontaneously with her mother and seemed to interact with them.

Samaha published these photos through her account on the “Instagram” website, expressing her happiness to meet Laila and Ilham, especially as she has friendly and loving relations between the stars of art in Egypt, as she has been living there for years.

“Tala”, the daughter of Carole Samaha, was surrounded by the attention of Laila Elwi and Ilham Shaheen, in the pictures, as Carol described them as two dear friends. She wrote a comment in which she said: “Last night in Dubai, my love, Tala, with our dear friends.”

The pictures attracted the public’s attention, as the resemblance between Carole Samaha and her daughter “Tala” attracted attention, amid an interaction between the followers who praised the beauty of the little girl, as well as her spontaneity and simplicity, as the facial features with the eye drawing of the girl looked exactly like her mother.

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In this context, Carole Samaha had published, through her account on the “Instagram” website, more than one photo that she collected with her husband, businessman Walid Mustafa, and their daughter, “Tala”, during a summer vacation.

Carole Samaha and her husband and daughter met in these photos with the Lebanese musician Michel Fadel, while she commented: “A family vacation in Dubai with our beautiful friend Michel Fadel.”


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