Zamalek announces a bid for memberships with special numbers


The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek Club, headed by Hussein Labib, decided to hold a big auction for fans of the club, and lovers of distinguished numbers, for the memberships bearing distinctive numbers.

Husam Al-Mandouh, member of the board of directors and supervisor of the Club membership profileIn his statements to the official Zamalek website, the distinguished memberships find a great demand for them in the whole world, from amateurs of distinguished numbers, so it was decided to open the bidding door for them in order for Zamalek to obtain the highest benefit from them.

The forum gave an example of these memberships: membership number 27, membership number 33, and membership number 1111, all of which are old memberships that club fans are keen to carry and acquire to be in their names.

The committee in charge of the occasion of opening the door for new subscriptions also decided to return the old memberships whose membership in the club was forfeited due to the non-payment of the subscription for the past four years.

He pointed out that there is a great demand for renewing memberships, and also for refunding memberships whose owners have not paid the subscription for the past four years, and the club provides all precautionary requirements in order to preserve members from the outbreak of the Corona virus during the payment process.


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