Zeina: A technical problem caused my name to be repeated in the ‘It’s All With Love’ sequence. My response was, “Oh, an black day” | Video


The artist, Zina, explained that she was shocked when she saw the repetition of her name, under the name of the star Zina, more than once in the sequence of the series “All in Love”, which was shown in the Ramadan 2021 drama season, a mistake that occurred due to a technical problem.

During an interview with the journalist Rabie Heneidy on the ET Arabic program, Zina said: “This topic made me laugh hard. Originally, when I saw her, I kept saying, O black day, what group did you work with? I was shocked and was filming, and after the next day we changed the titers and Zina wrote only. I have never written star books, and I don’t really like this word.”

Zina explained that the technical problem occurred due to the lack of time before the series was delivered to the station that would show it. Another name, then another name, and so on, but there was a problem that led to her name leaving the picture and entering it with each new name.

In response to a question, “Has a reconciliation been reached between her and the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani, and the artist Sabreen after this problem?” She said: “The matter happened, and then we did not speak at all. By God Almighty, there is no problem between us, and I respect all the people who were with us. They were not friends, they were colleagues, and I respect them and their destiny, but I lost them or gained them, something that comes back to them.”

Zina admitted that the series witnessed a number of shortcomings, and said: “There were many mistakes, and needs that harmed the series, and there was a shortcoming from such and such a point. My failure was that I entered filming before I had 30 episodes, so I had to accept the fait accompli. All of this is wrong. It won’t happen again in my life.”

Zina revealed a decision she took after the crises that the series witnessed, and said: “I do not want to work with new directors, I do not want to remove the risk.”

It is noteworthy that the series “Kalla with Love” starring Zina, Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani, Sabreen, Reem Al-Baroudi.


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