A member of Al-Ahly’s administration mocks the Football Association’s statement


Mohamed Serag El-Din, a member of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, mocked the Football Association’s statement about arbitration, which followed the statement of the Red Castle administration a few hours ago.

Al-Ahly Club had issued a statement refusing to play the Super Cup matches locally with Egyptian referees, calling for assigning the task to foreign referees.

Al-Ahly rejected the arbitration mistakes that occurred with him during the current season in the Egyptian League, to demand the Football Association to take a stand on the matter.

But the Egyptian Federation ignored Al-Ahly’s statement, and issued another statement, confirming the international confidence in Egyptian arbitration and announcing the assignment of Arab and African arbitration missions to Egyptian referees during the coming period.

Muhammad Seraj Al-Din, a member of Al-Ahly’s board of directors, commented on the statement of the Football Association, saying: “When your family understands that the top colleges are chasing you, but you are already in a public high school.”

The irony of the Al-Ahly member came after the Football Association praised the Egyptian referees, at a time when the Red Castle administration strongly criticizes the arbitration performance and bears a lot of responsibility for placing the team in the league this season.


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