A new development in Walid El Karti’s transfer to Zamalek


Saeed Al-Nasiri, president of the Moroccan club Wydad, said that the Zamalek club requested the services of Walid Al-Karti, the team’s player, denying that an agreement had been reached with the Egyptian side.

And reports in the Moroccan press had indicated a great interest on the part of Zamalek to contract with Al-Karti to support the white ranks in the new season, provided that the Moroccan Hamid Haddad, the player of Zamalek, enters into a reciprocal deal.

Al-Nasiri added, through statements to the Moroccan media, that what was reported about reaching an agreement with Zamalek regarding the deal is not true.

Al-Nasiri said: “Zamalek only requested a contract with Walid Al-Karti, but no agreement has been reached and no names have been placed to enter into a reciprocal deal so far.”

He continued: “Now we will present the matter to Walid Al-Karti, and he will decide. Over the past years, the player has received a large number of offers and we have asked him to stay, and he is grateful. He would have stayed in the team. I hope he will stay with us for a longer period, but we want to give him the opportunity, especially in the event of an offer.” good.”

He concluded: “I can only say that Walid will go to Zamalek when he goes, now it is up to the player himself.”


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