A Qatari Sheikha describes the distinction between a “native” and “naturalized” citizen as an “incomplete hadith”


A Qatari sheikh describes the distinction between a citizen


Sheikha Maryam Al Thani of the ruling family in Qatar stressed that “talking about a “native” and “naturalized” citizen is an incomplete hadith, and it indicates shortcomings, deficiency and disease in the same speaker!

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The father of the Olympic champion Hassouna reveals the reason for his son playing in the name of Qatar instead of Egypt

And Maryam Al-Thani called for pride in “all the people of Qatar, whether they are citizens by origin or naturalization.”

The Sheikhas tweet was apparently in response to the controversy that erupted on social media about the Qatari athlete, of Egyptian origin, Faris Hassouna, who won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the first Olympic gold medal in Qatar’s history.

Source: Twitter


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