A security guard has been appointed at the cemetery of the girl Sarah, until a DNA analysis of her remains is conducted tomorrow


The Tanta Center Prosecution decided to assign a security guard to the cemetery in which the people found the remains of a young girl in the village of Shawni. until the DNA analysis is performed; To ensure that the remains belong to the girl Sarah Muhammad Atout, who has been missing for 9 years, and a report was issued in her absence in February 2012, and since then her family has been searching for her in the hope that she is alive. The lawyer for the girl’s family confirmed that the remains are scheduled to be exhumed from the cemetery tomorrow morning, Tuesday; To conduct a DNA analysis on her after taking the genetic fingerprint from the parents of the absent girl, to ensure that it belongs to their daughter, and then permission to bury her again and complete the investigations to reveal those involved in the reality.

He pointed out that the body of the girl was found inside the cemetery 10 days ago by chance when it was opened for renovations, and the greatest shock was when a decomposing body was found wearing a small dress. There is a criminal suspicion behind the incident.

Muhammad Radwan Atout, the girl’s father, said that his daughter Sarah had been absent for nearly 9 years, since she was 3 years old, and at this time there were disputes over a plot of land measuring 7 carats between him and a person, but he was unable to prove the kidnapping charge against him due to insufficient evidence at the time. .

About 10 days ago, he added, when we renovated the family’s tombs, some individuals removed the dirt about a meter deep to lay a layer of sand. After the excavation was completed, they found the bones of a little girl with her clothes suspected of being his daughter Sarah. Immediately a report was issued to prove the incident.

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