A source for Masrawy: Al-Ahly includes Luis Micconi, a Simba player, for 4 seasons


02:30 PM

Tuesday 03 August 2021

Books – Egyptian editor:

A source revealed that Al-Ahly’s management succeeded in including Luis Michisoni, the first team wing for the Tanzanian football club, Simba, for 4 seasons.

The source, who reserved his name in exclusive statements to Masrawy, said that Amir Tawfiq, the director of contracts and marketing for Al-Ahly, succeeded in completing all matters related to the player’s inclusion for the next 4 seasons.

He added that Tawfiq had completed all the details of signing contracts with Simba in exchange for $900,000 for the Tanzanian club.

He explained that the player actually signed the contracts and became a player in the ranks of Al-Ahly starting next season, provided that in his first season with Al-Ahly he will receive $500 thousand.

He continued, “Al-Ahly will send the first installment of the value of the deal within the next few hours, which is half the amount, with the rest of the value being paid within three months only.”

Luis Miccisoni is the second deal that Al-Ahly has officially settled, after the signing of Karim Fouad, the right-back of the stars, for five seasons.


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