A vendor whose town prevented Hezbollah from firing rockets, cutting off his livelihood!


After a video spread to residents in Shwaya town In the Hasbaya district in southern Lebanon, they prevented gunmen from the Hezbollah militia from firing rockets and confiscated a launcher used by the militia. Its members attacked a seller from the town and prevented him from working.

In details, another video spread on social media showing elements of Hezbollah militia She assaults a seller from the town of Shuya, and prevents him from practicing his work and selling his livelihood.

The video also showed the militia expelling the man from his workplace on the pretext that the residents of his town prevented them from firing missiles at Israel.

Indeed, this afternoon, the residents of the village prevented militia members from firing more missiles at Israel, especially after the latter responded by bombing several open areas from the south.

This came at a time when the Lebanese army received the car carrying the rocket launcher, with 32 missiles on board, according to Lebanese media.

For its part, Hezbollah admitted the incident, but said that the rocket was confiscated after the bombing and during the return of its fighters from a forested area.

The bombing is renewed

It is worth noting that the Israeli bombing of several places in southern Lebanon was renewed on Friday morning, after the Hezbollah militia launched more than 15 missiles at Israel.

Meanwhile, the Israeli air force carried out sorties to target missile launch sites in the south, and artillery shelled the “Kfarshouba” and “Al-Habariya” hills in Al-Arqoub.

In turn, the Hezbollah militia admitted today, Friday, to firing more than 15 missiles at Israel, claiming that this operation was a response to previous raids on Tel Aviv.

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