Afsha on the anniversary of his transfer to Al-Ahly: The best thing that happened in my life


Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, the Al-Ahly club player, confirmed that there is no such thing as “enough” in the Red Castle Club, noting that his transfer to the Red Genie is the best thing that happened in his life.

Mohamed Magdy Afsha joined Al-Ahly in 2019 from Pyramids Club.

Afsha wrote on my Instagram account: “Two years have passed since I moved to Al-Ahly Club, the best thing that happened in my life at the level of my career in sports and football.”

He added: “I could not imagine the time passing so quickly, thanks to God, two years of great championships and many achievements. Before I came to Al-Ahly, I could say these are very many championships, after I played and understood the nature of the club and its fans, they came out not enough because there is not enough in Al-Ahly.”

And the Al-Ahly player concluded: “God willing, if we have a share, we will live together with Al-Ahly for years, championships and achievements, because the most important thing in the club is this time.


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