After 8 months, the remains of the drowned “Port Said boat” driver were found


06:22 PM

Sunday 08 August 2021

Port Said – Tariq Al-Rifai:

Today, Sunday, the remains of “Ragab Sobh”, the driver of the “launch” who had been drowning for nearly 8 months in a Mediterranean submersible off the coast of Port Said, were found on a beach in El-Arish in North Sinai Governorate, which was carrying 5 people.

A number of his family members moved to the city of El-Arish, in preparation for his transfer to Port Said, taking the necessary legal measures and authorizing the burial.

The efforts of the rescue teams succeeded in recovering the body of Muhammad al-Sayed Mahmoud al-Khanini (37 years), and the body of Maher Jaber Khalla Obaid (47 years) was found on the Rafah beach in the southern Gaza Strip, and the bodies of Salah Khaled Rakha and Mahmoud al-Sayed Hamada on a beach, before the body was found. Ragab Sobh, the driver of the launch.

And the “Ibrahim Rajab launch” went out on Tuesday evening, February 16, 2021, to perform one of the services of a marine services company, by delivering a parcel of spare parts to a container ship in the Mediterranean draft, carrying 5 people, but the boat overturned and sank.

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